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What is Investment Management?

Investment Management i​s the professional selection of various securities​ (mutual funds, ETFs, equities, bonds, and cash) and other assets​ (e.g., real estate)​ in order to meet your investment goals. Good investment management carefully balances your risk tolerance in relation to expected return on your portfolio.

Peak Wealth Planning, LLC will manage your investments in six steps:

  • Document your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon
  • Identify your current investment accounts, real estate, and securities
  • Develop a target asset allocation (mix of stocks, bonds, cash, and other securities)
  • Create a recommended investment portfolio with individual securities appropriate to your risk tolerance and financial plan
  • Monitor your investment performance and rebalance your portfolio
  • Automate your investment account contributions (if you are still working) or withdrawals (if you are in retirement)

Peak Wealth Planning, LLC employs a disciplined approach to portfolio management that allows you to ‘stay the course’ through market volatility and capture value from the market.

Having investments with the appropriate level of risk and partnering with us to manage your investments will allow you to:

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  • Have confidence that your investments are working for you
  • Reduce your stress levels and stop worrying about the markets
  • Know that your retirement assets or college savings should be sufficient to meet your goals

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