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ESOP or Company Stock for Retirement Income

Peak Wealth Planning, LLC has experience helping our clients turn concentrated stock holdings into a retirement income stream. You may have accumulated significant wealth through company stock options or an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and now you have to figure out how to live off those investments.

We assist clients in charting ESOP distributions or sales of company stock across time to project the value that can be realized in a diversified investment portfolio. Peak Wealth Planning, LLC will assess the ability of that portfolio to sustainably meet your family's required spending in the coming years.

Peak Wealth Planning, LLC works with you to minimize the risk of a concentrated single stock by creating an ETF or mutual fund portfolio with a level of risk comfortable for you. We determine this risk by assessing the dollar value fluctuation you can tolerate during the coming six month period. Our firm provides an easy-to-use risk analysis tool to capture your risk comfort level. Try it out now.

Once you transition company stock to a diversified investment portfolio, Peak Wealth Planning, LLC, will manage periodic distributions to fund your living expenses and other lifestyle goals. We can also project the value of investments that could be left to your heirs. And, we will coordinate with your tax advisor to minimize taxes on distributions.

Even though you may retire, Peak Wealth Planning, LLC will keep your money working. Contact us today to get started on your retirement income planning.